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Sophos Central

Manage all of your Sophos products from a simple dashboard

Sophos Central Dashboard

Having the ability to manage all of your Sophos business security functions from one dashboard is crucial to observing what threats have attempted to infect your business, what your current security offers, and where your business needs to be improved to ensure no successful future infiltrations to private, sensitive corporate materials. Sophos Central brings endpoint, mobile, server, and web security together in a single, truly integrated management console—an industry first.

From a single interface, you are able to monitor products such as:

  • Intercept X
  • Synchronised Security
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Endpoint Security
  • Device Encryption

 What’s the difference between Sophos Endpoint and Sophos Central Endpoint?

  • Sophos Endpoint is an on premise version of Endpoint Protection, whereas Sophos Central Endpoint is hosted in the cloud.
  • The flexibility of the cloud allows access to the Partner Dashboard anytime, anywhere for administration owners.
  • The Self Service Dashboard allows you to manage policies and other Sophos products all from one easy to use portal.
  • Manage everything with Sophos Central

    With Sophos Central, you can manage your entire organisation's security from a simple dashboard on your PC, tablet or mobile. Remotely manage devices and implement security measures wherever you or your colleagues are.


Why use the Sophos Cloud?

  • Quickly view the current security state of users

  • Advanced Threat Protection

  • Comprehensive real-time reporting for every event

  • Single pane of glass interface to manage security

  • Simple MDM capabilities

  • Shared security intelligence between endpoint and firewall

  • Compromised endpoints are automatically isolated by the firewall

  • Secure your Windows, Mac, mobile devices and web gateway with a single integrated solution

  • Advanced server protection with server lockdown

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