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Digital Transformation

This year's technology buzzword

What is digital transformation?

Defined as 'the use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises', digital transformation is difficult to ignore but not always easy to understand exactly what it will mean to your business.

only 44% say their organisations are adequately preparing
for the disruptions to come

Futuretech from TSG

October 2017 events

Taking Futuretech to the next level, following massive event success earlier in the year, we're bringing Futuretech: Digital Transformation. Now. to venues in London, Manchester and Newcastle.

We'll be focussing on transformational applications that are both accessible and affordable, but above all, can be deployed immediately in your business.

Register today and see how your business can be more productive, efficient and competitive.

Digital transformation certainly isn't a linear process and is as much about resilience and protecting your valuable data as it is about efficiencies and continuous improvement.  

GDPR and Technology

Events in London, Manchester and Newcastle

GDPR is something businesses cannot afford to ignore, with fines of £17.5m or 4% of global turnover for non-compliance, whichever is highest!

Our GDPR and Technology events will demystify GDPR as well as help guide you through the journey to compliance and reduce the risk of a breach.

Register today to learn where you should start with GDPR.

Key digital transformation technologies

  • Office 365

    Office 365 sits at the heart of digital transformation and for many will be the first step as they move email to Exchange Online. However, that should just be the start as Microsoft continues to add impressive and valuable features such as Teams, Flow and PowerApps.


  • Datto

    Datto revolutionises business continuity and disaster recovery with hybrid technology that allows you to recover vital services in seconds in the event of an outage, malicious attack or hardware failure. Backupify provides peace of mind by protecting your Office 365 and OneDrive data.

  • Dynamics 365

    Dynamics 365 brings together CRM and ERP, allowing you to manage your business end-to-end in a single cloud-based solution - finances, projects, inventory, sales, marketing, product and customer services. Automation and integration with Office 365 are built in.

  • Termset

    Termset effectively reads and categorises information within documents using artificial intelligence, allowing you to transform the way you manage your information. It can recognise names, credit card numbers, company information, order numbers and almost any type of information you might need to identify.

  • Nintex

    Nintex allows you to automate everything from basic business functions to company-wide processes, thanks to a powerful combination of forms and workflow. Automate almost any time-consuming, repetitive task.

  • Sophos Security

    As you become increasingly reliant on your critical data, protection from malware and data loss is critical. Sophos’ unique Synchronised Security approach leads the way in preventing the threats from impacting on your business.

  • Gamma Horizon

    Gamma Horizon’s hosted telephony platform is the perfect replacement for your traditional telecoms, bringing with it flexibility, continuity and potential cost savings. As a fully functional platform you can expect all of the key features you’d expect from a telephone system.

  • Backupify

    As data moves to the cloud with Office 365, SharePoint Online and OneDrive, it’s important to ensure that you don’t lose critical files. With a 30-day rolling cut off for deleted files, Backupify provides the solution you need to keep user data safe and secure.

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