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Document Management

Often in response to increasing regulatory and compliance management requirements, such as ISO and GDPR, more and more businesses are embracing a structured approach to document management.

At TSG, we have considerable experience and expertise in developing sophisticated solutions that not only incorporate records management but also include capture, indexing, retrieval, security, workflow, version control and integration with other business systems.

Why invest in a document management solution?

  • ISO and QMS

    Structure and governance are the cornerstone of any quality system, with strict version control essential. We build solutions that sit at the heart of our customers' certification and compliance.

  • Knowledge Management

    Sharing accurate and up-to-date information with colleagues can save a huge amount of time and allow service functions to deliver a seamless, top-class customer experience. 

  • HR

    HR teams typically manage highly sensitive information and critical business policies which require a significant level of control, access management and governance. 

  • Policy Management

    Document management is ideal for any area of the business where a 'single version of the truth' is required. Automated workflows can ensure that documents are regulalry reviewed and updated. 

Single version of the truth

How many times have you shared a document with colleagues and regretted it?

Before long there are numerous different versions, each with different alterations or amendments and no-one know which is accurate or final.

A document management solution eliminates unneccessary duplication, facilitates collaboration and ensures version control with a clear audit trail.  

Many proprietory document management solutions, bundled with other systems, lack the level of functionality required to deliver. Microsoft SharePoint offers a versatile, feature-rich, enterprise-level platform and with the expertise of the TSG team, comprehensive integration.  

SharePoint is the platform on which TSG builds award-winning solutions

As part of Office 365, SharePoint makes enterprise level functionality, previously the domain of the large enterprise, affordable for mid-market and small businesses. Our experts have been working with SharePoint for more than a decade and are perfectly placed to help customers take advantage of this flexible and powerful technology.

Metadata is central to any ERDM project, providing clear classification that underpins organisation and retrieval of information. Identification of personal identifiable information (PII) within document is also becoming critical in the light of the requirement to comply with GDPR.

Termset makes light work of metadata and categorisation

TermSet is a groundbreaking product that uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the process for identifying and retrieving key and categorised information stored within SharePoint and file share documents. TermSet PII Scanner is a tool for identifying sensitive information in electronic documents.

What makes a good document management solution?

  • Control who can read and/or edit

  • Mobile friendly, device agnostic and integrated

  • Incoroporate records management

  • Facilitate retention and destruction

  • Clarity on the latest version of a document

  • Include an approvals system

  • Address key considerations without burdening user

  • Underpin compliance with regulations and certification requirements

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