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GDPR and Technology

Take steps toward compliance with General Data Protection Regulations

With the deadline for compliance with GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation fast approaching (May 2018), it’s essential to take action urgently to avoid getting caught out.

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Whilst there are numerous governance and procedural issues that need to be addressed, there is certainly a role for technology and TSG can support you by implementing a number of potential quick wins that will help to protect your business from potential data breaches.

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Understanding the challenge you face in complying with GDPR is often the first hurdle.

Our PII Discovery Tool trial will help you to understand how the full tool could drastically reduce the time and effort required to identify sensitive data across your various file stores and databases.

  • 5-day licence

  • Up to 1000 documents

  • Report via Qlik Sense desktop with drilldown into more detail

  • Scan for standard set of 21 types of PII

  • Remote install and overview training

  • Scan SharePoint 2013, Office 365 and documents stored in file shares

What is TSG's PII Discovery Tool

Combining Termset ScanR and Qlik Sense

ScanR from TermSet is ideal for companies with potentially large volumes of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to understand the extent of the challenge they face to comply with GDPR.

Our Qlik Sense business intelligence solution will provide deep insights into the results of your investigation.

To support you with GDPR compliance we’re offering a number of packages, including  to facilitate your PII discovery and analysis.

GDPR PII Audit Tool

  • SMB Audit: £479 per month (exc. VAT)

    • Monthly subscription
    • Up to 500GB documents per annum with unlimited scans
    • Scan SharePoint 2013, Office 365 and documents stored in file shares
    • Scan for standard set of 21 types of PII
    • Superuser training to create additional PII or bespoke taxonomies
    • Report via Qlik desktop (1 user with drilldown)
    • Includes install, training and 5 hours of report support per annum
    • Additional data sources (including ERP, CRM, SQL etc.) available for additional cost

    Full Audit: £649 per month (exc. VAT)

    • Up to 1TB documents (unlimited scans)
    • Includes annual business intelligence strategy session with Data Analyst
  • Qlik Business Intelligence Plus Pack

    Initial payment of £3720

    £199 per month

    This package is ideal for businesses looking for a more sophisticated, company-wide reporting system.

    • 5-user Qlik Sense server licence
    • Build and share your custom apps and visualisations
    • Full business intelligence platform for BI analytics and real-time KPIs from any business system or data
    • Includes install, superuser training, annual licence and 10 hours support per annum for your ScanR PII data
    • Includes annual business intelligence strategy with Data Analyst
    • Requires suitable server that meets minimum requirements


Why you can't afford to ignore GDPR

  • Fines of £17.5m or 4% of global turnover, whichever is higher.

  • Key principles such as the right to be forgotten and information requests.

  • The requirement to notify a data breach is within 72 hours.

  • The need to establish a clear legal basis for holding and processing personal data.

Where technology can support GDPR compliance


    Identifying what personal data you hold

    Govern how data is used and accessed


    Establish controls to prevent, detect and respond to vulnerabilities and breaches


    Maintain documentation, manage data requests and report breaches

Security and compliance technologies

For businesses that hold large or complex datasets, TSG has expertise across a number of technologies that will help to organise, manage and apply access rules to ensure that you can categorise appropriately and respond to information requests promptly.

Technologies that will help to automate GDPR processes

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GDPR: Where do you start?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulations, due to be enforced from 25th May 2018, were something completely new.

The cost of GDPR

A recent article in The Times suggested that small companies run the risk of hefty fines when the General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR, come into force from next May.

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